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Northern Lights Chase by minibus

Experience the enchanting Northern Lights with a small group, warm meal and pictures included.

01 Nov - 06 Apr
5-8 hours
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Explore the stunning fjords and mountains of Tromsø on our small group tours and get up close and personal with the Arctic nature.

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Our team of expert local guides will ensure that your experience in Tromsø is unforgettable.


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When is the best period to see the Northen light ?

The best time to see them is during the winter months when the nights are longest and darkest, typically from September to early April.

Why Tromsø is the best place to see them?

Tromsø is a top spot for Northern Lightsviewing due to it’s high latitude, clear skies, long winter nights, andwell-developed tourism infrastructure.

Its location within the NorthernLights oval and low light pollution make it a prime destination forexperiencing this natural wonder.

How should I dress to go for a Northen Light Tour?

Embarking on a Northern Lights tour with Enter Adventures typically lasts 5 to 8 hours. During this excursion, you'll spend time in the car chasing the Northern Lights, but a significant portion of the experience involves being outdoor.

Even though our guide will create a warming campfire, be prepared to spend considerable time outside, where temperatures can be as low as -20°C.

Rest assured, we provide cozy and comfortable thermal suits and boots to keep you warm, but we kindly ask that you bring your own gloves and hats. Underneath your thermal suits, we recommend wearing snug, warm clothing for added comfort.

When can I see the pictures of my tour?

You can access and download your tour pictures from our website within 72 hours after your tour.


Let us be your guides in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With nature as an arena, and our ancient history in the genes, we offer activities and experiences where you get as close to the Arctic wilderness as you have probably never experienced before.

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